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A2/LZB+GK35-6A+GP4900 Automatic bagging unit

Product series: Sewing + hem

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  • Product Description:
    A2/LZB+GK35-6A+GP4900 automatic bag feeding and sewing machine is suitable for automatic hemming and sewing of kraft paper bags or plastic woven bags, which is widely used in food, feed, chemical and other industries. Automatic hemming and sewing machine adopts photoelectric control, which can automatically and continuously complete the transfer of kraft paper bags or plastic woven bags, the sewing of the bag opening, cutting thread braid and other processes. The air supply system to achieve the thread braid cutting and fully closed lubrication. The height of the machine can be adjusted with the size of the bags, automatic bag hem sewing machine can be combined with automatic weighing packaging machine, conveyor and other automatic production line.

    These machines can be combined with automatic weight packaging machines and conveyors to form automatic production lines.

    Technical parameters:

    1. Liftable bagging machine column GA2
    The overall material is made of carbon steel, suitable for various industrial applications. Removable casters facilitate equipment movement and strengthen the base to ensure equipment stability. Overall plate cutting and welding, beautiful appearance, reliable quality.
    Material: carbon steel.
    Suture head height: 800-1300mm (from floor to needle)
    Motor power: 0.55kW
    Casters: removable universal wheels

    2.Automatic sewing machine GK35-6A. GK35-6A full-automatic sewing machine is a combination of automatic start-up, shut-down and automatic thread cutting, with a width of 50 mm and a cutting knife for cutting thread and paper tape, featuring high sewing speed, low noise, easy maintenance, long service life and a wide range of thread cutting, etc. It is used for sealing flour bags, jute bags and plastic woven bags in grain, chemical and port industries. It is suitable for sealing flour bags, sacks, plastic woven bags and other packaging materials of grain, chemical industry, port and other enterprises.

    Maximum sewing speed: 1900 rpm
    Working speed: 1700 rpm
    . Maximum sewing thickness: 8mm
    . Stitch adjustment range: 6.5-11mm
    Sewing thread type: double chain type (401) Needle type: 80800 (200-250#)
    Number: 80800 (200-250#) Thread size: 20/6, 20/9 synthetic thread or cotton thread
    Sealing. Pulley Diameter:Φ114mm
    Wire braid cutting form: electric control pneumatic type
    Motor power:370W
    Machine weight: 30.5kg
    . Dimensions: 350×240×440(mm)

    3. GP4900 belt hem machine

    Belt type bag edge folding machine is the latest automatic bag edge crimping equipment developed by our company; the product adopts imported reducer and imported motor, with advanced structure, wide adjustment range, superior edge crimping performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc., which can be comparable with the international advanced edge crimping equipment!
    The product is installed on the pillar of our bag sewing machine and used with GK35 series bag sewing machine and GS-9 series bag sewing machine, its automatic hemming performance is more superior and the effect is more remarkable, which is widely used in the packaging production line of food, chemical industry, port and so on.


    These machines are widely used in packaging production line of grain, chemical and port industries.

    Width of crimp: 35-50 mm
    Delivery speed: 7-18m/min
    Voltage/frequency:380V 50HZ
    Motor power: speed motor, 0.18Kw
    Machine weight: 32kg
    . Overall dimensions: 710×240×370(mm)

    4. Drive control systems:
    . The system adopts photoelectric induction control, the speed of the sewing machine is controlled by inverter, which is easy to operate; the electrical components are imported brands, which ensures the stability of the whole machine. At the same time, the conveyor power interface is reserved for the convenience of customers to connect. The system has a chain function and can be seamlessly connected with other automatic equipment.

    Electrical configuration:

    . Brand



    Low voltage appliances


    Frequency inverters


    Light switches


    Solenoid valve


    Gas Processor

    Pillar/Bending Machines

    Domestic Motors