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GXB-1000 Double swing arm automatic packaging machine

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  • Product function: Double swing arm automatic packing machine can put granular and powder material into the prefabricated open bag to realize automatic bag supply, bag opening, bag filling, bag moving, bag opening finishing and other operations.
    Product Features
    1. The system can be applied to a variety of packaging materials such as paper bags, woven bags, plastic bags, etc. It is widely used in chemical, feed, fertilizer and other industries.
    2. 20kg~50kg bag packing, with a maximum capacity of 1200 bags/hour (according to the bag material and material).
    3. It is equipped with multiple bag storage positions to improve the efficiency of bag supply, and the automatic bag feeding device is suitable for high-speed continuous operation.
    4. Adopt chain row mechanism to sort the empty bags and improve the reliability of bag supply.
    4. Each actuation unit is equipped with control and safety devices to achieve automatic continuous operation.
    5. The sacking and bag shifting is driven by SEW servo motor, and the operation is completed by two sets of independent swing arm structure, which can play more efficient.
    6. Friendly human-machine interface, providing perfect fault diagnosis and help functions, and can quickly switch the working mode to adapt to the different characteristics of the material packaging.
    Product Description:

    Serial number




    Maximum packaging capacity

    1200 bags / hour (according to the bag material and material).


    Fill weight



    Package size

    Length (mm)


    Width (mm)



    Gas consumption



    Total power

    About 12 Kw



    About 5000 Kg

    Electrical Configuration
    Name                  Brand
    PLC            Siemens S7-300
    Touch Screen            Siemens
    Inverter           Schneider ATV312
    Schneider ATV 312 Motor                SEW
    Photoelectric Sensors       Bonner
    Proximity Sensors      Türk
    Servo Motor          SEW
    Low-voltage apparatus       Schneider
    Schneider Motor protector      Schneider
    Transformer             Power Supply
    Vacuum pump         Shanghai Zhongde
    Switch Buttons       Schneider
    Cylinder           Festo
    Solenoid Valve          SMC
    Speed Control Valve Connector      SMC
    Magnetic Switches       Festo