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  •     Automatic label feeding, hemstitching and bagging machine unit includes label machine, hemstitching machine, stitching machine, and other accessories. The machine adopts photoelectric control and has the functions of automatic label feeding (paper label, size: (50-80)*(100-130)mm), automatic hem-folding, automatic stitching, thread cutting and interlocking with the system. Machine height can be adjusted with the size of the bags, and can be combined with automatic quantitative weighing packaging machine, conveying line and palletizing robot to form an automatic production line.

        This product is composed of two motor control systems, belt conveyor system. The whole machine is controlled by the photoelectric switch to start and stop the work, two speed regulators respectively to adjust the speed of the sub-signing and sending sign motor, its speed can be adjusted according to the speed of the production line. The whole machine is exquisite in design and simple in operation, which is suitable for the automatic bag mouth labeling work in various industries.


    Tab Size: (100-150)*(60-120)mm

    Adapted label material. Kraft paper, offset paper

    Tab. Storage capacity: about 400 sheets (according to the label material thickness and other characteristics of the decision).